GT Rally Coast to Coast Rally
Date24 May/1 Jun 2018
Event TypeRally (Cars)
ContactName : Nick Aylieff
Tel : 0208 638 0845
NotesRob Hoogvliet organizes rallies all over Europe. Looking for great routes, surprising stops and luxury hotels. Finding naughty hairpins and the best back roads. Rallies ‘handpicked’ for you.

Coast to Coast France Thursday 24 May to Saturday 2 June

Coast to Coast, nine days car adventure from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, right through the heart of France.

Enjoying the beautiful route and its beautiful landscape. Drive over rolling hills, along small rivers or through the mountains.

You get an extensive and clear route book(map). Every morning after breakfast we have a briefing together, in the evening during dinner we go through the day again. And our camera crew ensures great photos and a video for you.

A nine-day drive through France. With surprising stops, fun regularities, and charming French hotels. In nine days, we use six hotels.

This means that we have three times double overnight stay. On these days, we have a three times shorter ride, so that there is time for other things, like enjoying the pool, a river or the beach.

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