Racing Safety Seminars
Date7 Dec 2018
Event TypeShow / Conference (Cars)
LocationIndiana Convention Center, USA
CountryUSA - Indiana
Tel : +41 7 6576 2611
NotesRacing Safety Seminars
This Friday: Dec 7th at PRI

For its eighth annual safety seminar at the PRI Show, the Stand 21 Safety Foundation will present three back-to-back, one hour seminars during this year`s event in Indianapolis

Friday, December 7th
9:00 AM -12:00 Noon
Room 235 - Indiana Convention Center

"This year we`ll cover three different subjects, in rapid-fire, so that busy PRI attendees can pick and choose whichever session, or sessions, they would like to attend", said Yves Morizot, Founder and President of the Foundation.

At 9:00 AM: "Fire & Heat Protection" Dr. Terry Trammell will discuss simple ways for drivers to better protect themselves in a fire situation, and off-road racer Danny Ebberts will talk about his recovery after a serious pit fire.

At 10:00 AM: the topic will switch to "Head and Neck Protection." Ed Becker, Executive Director and Chief Engineer, Snell Memorial Safety Foundation will speak on helmet selection basics and offer useful tips that drivers, and crew, should know for proper helmet care. Following that Tom Gideon, NASCAR Safety Advisor, will review the history of the HANSŪ development, and what all racers need to know about the device. Drag racing champion Larry Dixon will be on hand to tell of his personal experience with the HANS.

The third session at 11:00am will cover the racers returning to racing, the sport they love, after suffering injuries and going through the process of physical and psychological healing. Nick Bennett, USMC, of the Wounded Warrior Project will tell his personal story of healing after injury in Iraq.

After returning home to Indiana in 2004 with numerous injuries from an IED, Nick started on the difficult path of totally rebuilding his life.

We`ll have the opportunity to hear his powerful story, and to reflect on the sacrifices many like him have made to keep our country safe, thanks to the assistance of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Hear him tell, as he struggled to repair his body and mind, how racing played a major role in his ongoing recovery.

"We are privileged to have some of the most respected names in the motorsports safety field, from the US and Europe, supporting our efforts. The latest in effective driver safety protection equipment and information should be available to racers at all levels, not just full-time professionals, and it should not have to cost them a fortune." said Stand 21`s Morizot, a long-time driver safety crusader and safety equipment innovator.

Each seminar will include detailed presentations by the speakers, with questions with follow-up
discussion encouraged.

These valuable seminars are presented free for all PRI attendees but we need your RSVP please!

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Today, and more than ever, motorsports safety education is of the utmost importance (over 2.5 million drivers now compete annually worldwide, with some 1 million in North America alone ... 99% of those drivers being amateurs).